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Online scheduling has come to Baton Rouge. Local Baton Rouge company, LocalMed has launched their platform to help patients find dentists in Baton Rouge. Patients now how the ability to search through local dental providers in Baton Rouge, LA and view some of their open appointments to schedule a new appointment. Unlike existing online appointment platforms, this platform is fully integrated with the DDS practice management system so the appointments you are viewing are in real time. Once you find a dentist and appointment time convenient for your needs, you can schedule right from your computer of mobile device. Once booked, it will actually upload your information and the booked appointment time into the dentists’s system immediately. This fully automated system reduces the need to physically call the dental office and enables you to book an appointment 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.

The need for online scheduling is apparent and the dental industry is moving forward with new technologies to improve patient satisfaction. This software launch for Dentists is up and running ready for your appointment bookings. There you can select if you are a new or returning patient as well as your reason for visit. We read the dentist schedule and display appointment times appropriate for the type of appointment you are seeking whether for tooth pain or a teeth cleaning. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment as the appointment times shown are pre-selected by the dentists as appropriate for your reason for visit.

This new form of online scheduling is unique in the dental and medical fields but will soon be a standard feature of your dental and medical care so feel free to jump on and create a profile when you are ready.

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